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 Hate to Preach...

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PostSubject: Hate to Preach...   Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:12 am

I know rules are no fun, but we've got to have them. :\

1) Just like Vegas, what happens here STAYS HERE.

2) Feel free to start threads of your own; we want to be aware of your thoughts and opinions.

3) If you would like to post your own fiction, feel free to. PM me if you have any concerns regarding this.

4) Bashing of ANYONE will NOT be tolerated!

5) Other than constructive criticism on fiction, negative, violent, and/or derogatory comments will absolutely NOT BE TOLERATED! If any comments that fall under this are posted, the poster will be dealt with HARSHLY.

6) If you do not post at all, your account will be deleted. The purpose of this forum is to interact. We do not like lurkers. Period.

Play nice! And as with every site on the Internet, play safe. DO NOT post personal information ( address, phone number, etc. ) on your profile/in the forum! We want our members to have a safe and fun experience here. Please be courteous to all members and staff.

Administration C:

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Hate to Preach...
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